Friday, February 26, 2010

Pesky Birds

Pigeons and Other Pest Birds

Pesky birds are one of the most dangerous and hazardous to our health. That is why we need some action to exterminate these problem pest pigeons. Many people and some countries in the world are not happy in the presence of the pigeons and other birds species. Pigeons are now considered as a pest birds not as a pets. Exterminating pigeons in a violent ways are not agreeable in some pet lovers but there are many easy ways in controlling and exterminating these problem pest birds. Pigeon extermination in a humane ways are very easy to find and apply. First, the birds are annoying because they deposit their droppings on buildings, benches, statues and cars. This is not only unsightly and smell, also causes permanent stains or premature corrosion and oxidation of some metal structures and other objects. Moreover, their nests can clog water chutes. On the other hand, from the health point of view, birds can carry pathogens and can transmit diseases such as histoplasmosis, ornithosis, salmonellosis and cryptococcosis. They are also hosts several ectoparasites: Cimex columbarius (bug nest of the dove), Argas relexus (tick dove) Pseudolynchia canariensis (dove flies), fleas, mites, spiders, etc.. That is why Pigeons are considered now as a pest birds. Many experts and companies offers different pigeon repellent, bird spikes, bird control products and pigeon control experts. they offer they service and products in controlling these pesky birds. They also offers procedures on how to exterminate pigeons.

Pigeons are considered by much of the population and pest birds as of now, however, at present, the bird plague more dangerous to humans. They are found both in cities and rural areas. In cities, pigeons congregate in masses that can reach several hundred individuals. They fly in groups and lie together. They usually have a preference for large buildings to land, although in some cases, small groups dwell on individual houses. They use the bridges, buildings, statues, etc.. as roosting areas, resting and nesting. In rural areas live in the backyards of farms, stables, barns, towers, etc.. In general, pigeons are animals that tend to feed, nest and rest in the same places routinely at sites located in upland areas and protected. Normally feed on garbage and food scraps, which are at your fingertips. An adult pigeon consumes about half a kilo of food a week. To facilitate digestion ingested with food grains of sand or gravel to help grind food. Pigeons build nests any material advantage from his own excrement, sticks, paper clips, wire or even other skeletons of dead pigeons. They have a great dependence on water. In fact an adult pigeon can survive without breaking down for several days without solid food, but they need water every day. The young are fed by a kind of white substance regurgitated by their parents. After 4 to 6 weeks the young leave the nest. Mating can occur any time of year, but in spring and autumn are reproduced with special intensity. In town, to find good nesting, breed steadily throughout the year. In the wild live to 15 years or more. However in urban areas rarely exceed 5 years. They are birds that tend to move routine, breed and feed always around the same areas. These birds are now a pest in Argentina and some countries in the world. In pigeon bird control methods there are many diferent kinds of products and solution in controlling pigeon pest.

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